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Miya Marcano: A man breaks into a tenant’s room and strangles her to death after she declines his proposal; he also kills himself.

Miya Marcano, a 19-year-old woman, was allegedly murdered by the Maintenance Manager of her apartment after she refused his proposal.

Miya’s lifeless body was discovered days after she went missing.


According to Orange County Sheriff John Mina, Miya Marcano’s body was discovered near the dilapidated Tymber Skan apartments on Saturday morning.

He went on to say that the agency obtained the records on Wednesday. According to Mina, Caballero used to live at Tymber Skan apartments.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death, and a medical examiner will positively identify Marcano, though Mina stated that deputies are confident she is the one who died because her purse containing her ID was discovered nearby.

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Miya Marcano’s friends have paid tribute to her and spoken passionately about male dominance where some men feel they need to jealously deal with women who turn down their proposals.

Angeless wrote: the fact that she died cause a man couldn’t take no for an answer and chose to take it further than just leaving her alone is so heartbreaking…she didn’t deserve to die…rest in peace beautiful

Cloudnai wrote: That man really killed #miyamarcano .. left her body in the woods by his old apartment complex and then commited suicide … I can’t even wrap my mind around this … all because the girl said “no” to him … it’s really scary for women out here man …

Kristin wrote: This #MiyaMarcano story is terrifying, man. This is what a lot of us women go through. She rejected that man, and he was the maintenance person for her apartment building. Ended up using the Master Key to enter her apartment. This happens to women more than people hear about.

Kuma wrote: Women having to live in fear of a males bruised ego consistently is an incredibly sad reality. That I hope changes very soon. Prayers to Miya’s family and loved ones #MiyaMarcano

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